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10 reasons why you are losing followers on X (Twitter)


10 reasons why you are losing followers on X (Twitter)

Losing followers on Twitter (now referred to as X) can be a daunting experience, and it's more than just a numerical issue. A sudden drop in your follower count can indicate a deeper problem affecting your online presence and influence on Twitter.

While losing followers may seem like a setback that impacts your engagement and the effectiveness of your tweets, there's no need to panic. In this guide, we'll explore the different reasons for losing followers on Twitter (X) and provide you with practical strategies for identifying the cause and restoring your follower count.

10 reasons why you are losing followers on X

The first step to reversing a decline in followers is to understand why it is happening. While there are countless reasons why the number of followers may decrease, a notable drop in followers can generally be linked to one of the most common issues.

1. Removal of inactive and bot accounts

The recent implementation of Twitter's policy to deactivate bots and remove inactive accounts has cost millions of users a lot of followers. Announced by Elon Musk on May 8, 2023, this initiative targets accounts that have shown no activity for an extended period.

Purpose of this purge

This cleaning operation aims to ensure a more authentic and engaged community on the platform. If you've noticed a decrease in your followers, it could mean that some were dormant accounts or bots.


You can't prevent the removal of these accounts, but the bright side is that you can now focus on attracting high-quality and active followers. This shift towards a more engaged audience is beneficial for your long-term Twitter strategy.

2. Buying Twitter followers from sketchy websites

Enhancing your Twitter profile with paid followers

Investing in paid followers can be an effective and useful tactic to strengthen your Twitter profile. However, buying them from sketchy sources can lead to a profile filled with spam or fake followers.

These fake followers not only do not engage with your content, but they can also be purged according to Twitter's policies, resulting in a sudden drop in your number of followers. Additionally, having a large number of fake accounts as followers can damage your credibility and reliability.


If you're considering boosting your presence on Twitter, purchase X followers from Media Mister. With us, you're assured of authentic engagement and a safe investment, with 100% real and active followers - no shady bots or fake accounts involved.

3. Unattractive Profile

If your Twitter profile isn't eye-catching or lacks information about you or your brand, you might start losing followers. People are drawn to visually appealing and informative profiles.

A profile with a low-quality picture, a vague bio, or missing links to a website can seem uninviting or unprofessional, causing potential followers to lose interest and existing followers to leave.


Give your profile a makeover. Use a high-resolution profile picture that represents you or your brand, write a clear and engaging bio, and add links to your website or projects. A well-crafted profile can make a strong first impression and encourage more users to follow and stay engaged with your content.

4. Infrequent or Inconsistent Posting

When you don't post often or regularly, followers may forget about you or think you're no longer active. This can be particularly true if you're sharing poor-quality content when you post.

Quality and consistency are important for keeping your audience interested and engaged. If you're not showing up in their feed with interesting content, followers might decide to unfollow you in favor of more active and engaging accounts.


Develop a consistent posting schedule that keeps your audience looking forward to your updates. Focus on sharing high-quality content that resonates with your followers and plan your posts using scheduling tools to provide value to your audience with every tweet.

5. Posting Off-Topic or Niche

If you share content that doesn't align with what your followers expect (or enter a niche that doesn't interest them), you might see your number of followers decrease.

This is especially true if the content is offensive or controversial. Followers subscribe to channels and profiles for a specific type of content, and if you significantly change that, you're likely to lose their interest.


Stay true to your brand and the interests of your audience. If you want to introduce new topics, do so gradually and gauge your audience's response. Avoid posting content that could be seen as offensive or divisive. Developing a content strategy that consistently meets your followers' expectations will help you maintain and grow your follower base.

6. Shadowbanning

Shadowbanning is when your account is quietly hit with a penalty, and your posts become invisible to everyone except you. You won't receive any official notification, but you might notice fewer interactions on your tweets because others can't see them.

This can happen if you violate Twitter's rules, leading to the temporary restriction of your account. Shadowbans limit the reach of your content not just to your followers but also across the entire platform, massively reducing engagement.


Ensure you're following Twitter's guidelines and best practices. Avoid aggressive following or unfollowing, repetitive content, or any spam-like behavior. If you think you've been shadowbanned, take a break from the actions that caused it and focus on creating quality, engaging content. Over time, this can help lift any restrictions and restore your account's visibility.

7. Follow/Unfollow Tactics

Using the follow/unfollow tactic - where you follow an account in hopes they'll follow back, only to then unfollow them - might seem like a quick way to gain followers. However, this approach is highly controversial and can damage your reputation on Twitter.

Plus, studies show that more than 50% of new followers gained this way will unfollow you within a week, making it an inefficient method that can lead to a loss of followers in the long run.


Focus on genuinely engaging with others by sharing valuable content, joining in conversations, and building relationships. Engage with users through meaningful interactions - like, comment, and share content relevant to your interests and niche. This approach will attract followers who are interested in what you have to say and are more likely to stick around.

8. Too Much Self Promotion

Excessively promoting yourself (or your products) can overwhelm your followers, causing them to lose interest. A constant stream of self-promotion can come across as spammy and one-sided without offering real value to the audience.

When followers feel like they're only seen as customers rather than a community, they're more likely to hit the unfollow button.


Balance is key. Make sure to mix in informative, entertaining, and interactive content along with promotional posts. This variety not only keeps your feed interesting but also shows that you value your audience's engagement over just making a sale. Building a more well-rounded Twitter presence can help you retain followers who appreciate the diversity of your content.

9. A Glitch by Twitter (X)

Sometimes, the issue isn't with your content or strategy at all; it's a hiccup with Twitter's algorithms. Glitches can happen on any platform, and X is no exception. You might log in one day and suddenly have 0 followers because of a temporary bug showing an incorrect follower count.


Before doing anything else, check out our Live Twitter Follower Count Checker, provided for free by Media Mister. This tool gives you the exact number of Twitter followers you have in real-time, bypassing any glitches in the system.

It's a simple, useful way to ensure the accuracy of your follower count and provide peace of mind if you notice any unexpected issues on your Twitter dashboard.

10. Ignoring Your Followers

Ignoring your followers is a surefire way to lose them. When people make an effort to interact with you through reposts, likes, shares, mentions, comments, replies, or direct messages, they expect some form of acknowledgment.

If they don't receive it, they might feel unappreciated and disconnect from your Twitter presence. Additionally, sending automated direct messages can come off as impersonal and push followers away.


Make engagement a priority. Take the time to respond to comments and messages personally. Avoid using automated responses that can feel cold or generic. Showing your followers that you value their interaction can encourage a sense of community and loyalty, reducing the chances of them unfollowing you.

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