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How do I submit my music to Spotify playlists?

Promote Your Music on Spotify Playlists: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover effective strategies to promote your music on Spotify playlists and maximize your song's visibility.

Submission Strategies

1. Explore Relevant Playlists

Begin by exploring Spotify playlists that align with the style and genre of your music. Identify playlists that accept submissions for new tracks.

2. Utilize Submission Platforms

Take advantage of platforms specialized in submitting music to Spotify playlists. These platforms offer filters to target playlists based on specific criteria and enable direct submission to playlist curators.

3. Direct Engagement with Curators

Engage directly with playlist curators by searching for their profiles on social networks like LinkedIn or Twitter. Initiate personalized contact by sending a tailored message introducing your music and expressing interest in inclusion in their playlist.

Tips for Successful Submissions

1. Ensure Track Quality

Verify that your track maintains professional quality and aligns with the style of the playlist to which you are submitting.

2. Customize Your Submission

Avoid generic messages by personalizing each submission. Include the playlist curator's name and briefly explain why your track would enhance their playlist.

3. Follow-Up and Show Appreciation

Stay attentive to curator responses after submitting your music. Express gratitude warmly if selected, and share the playlist with your social media audience to amplify your track's visibility.

Submit Your Music to Spotify Playlists

Every musician aspires to share their music with a wide audience and earn well-deserved recognition. Leveraging Spotify playlists can help you achieve these aspirations. Spotify playlists, akin to expertly crafted musical collections, gather songs sharing similar moods, themes, and emotions.

Whether you prefer workout rhythms or cheerful melodies, Spotify playlists offer a diverse array of songs that cater to various moods and themes. Securing a spot on a Spotify playlist exposes your music to a vast audience, expanding your fan base and potentially leading to increased streams and viral success, ultimately bolstering your earnings.

How to Submit Songs to Spotify Playlists?

Prior to submitting your music to Spotify playlists, consider the following essential points to enhance your chances of approval:

1. Exclusively Submit Unreleased Tracks

Spotify values exclusivity and freshness in playlist features, necessitating the submission of unreleased tracks that have not been streamed elsewhere. Time your submission before your release date to qualify for playlist consideration.

2. Limit Submissions to One Track

Given the competitive nature of securing a spot on a Spotify playlist, artists may only submit one track at a time. This underscores the importance of submitting only high-quality songs that captivate listeners.

3. Submit in Advance

The earlier you submit your music, the greater your chances of acceptance. Due diligence is required to review Spotify playlist submissions, emphasizing the necessity of submitting your song at least seven days prior to its release date.

4. Utilize Desktop Submission

Presently, Spotify exclusively permits playlist submissions via the Spotify for Artists platform, accessible solely through desktop devices.

Armed with these insights, you are equipped to submit your music and heighten your prospects of playlist inclusion.

How to Submit Music to Editorial Playlists?

Editorial playlists, meticulously curated by Spotify's in-house team of experts, offer a gateway for your music to reach millions of listeners if your submission garners approval. Despite the fierce competition, a step-by-step approach facilitates the submission process:

1. Access Spotify for Artists

Log in to or sign up for a Spotify for Artists account via desktop, depending on your existing user status.

2. Select Your Unreleased Track

Within your dashboard's Music section, navigate to the Upcoming category to locate your unreleased music. Choose the track you wish to feature in the editorial playlist.

3. Optimize Your Submission

Remember to submit only one track at a time, selecting the standout piece from an album or EP to enhance your submission's appeal. Complete the playlist submission form meticulously, providing comprehensive details about your track's genre, mood, and theme. Narrating a compelling backstory behind the song aids reviewers in grasping its essence, thereby bolstering your chances of playlist inclusion.

Promote Your Music on Spotify Playlists

How to Submit Music to User-Generated Playlists?

User-generated playlists, crafted by individual listeners based on musical preferences, serve as invaluable channels for understanding fan interactions with your music. Whether public or private, these playlists offer insights into your audience's engagement. Follow these steps to submit your music:

1. Identify Artists Similar to Your Style

Explore artists with substantial followings in similar genres using the "overview" and "fans also like" features. Navigate to the "About" section and select "Discovered" to uncover user-generated playlists.

2. Select an Ideal Curator

After identifying promising curators, choose the curator whose playlists align with your music for submission.

3. Pitch Your Song Strategically

Timing is crucial when pitching your song. Submit your track sufficiently ahead of its release date to afford curators ample time for review and playlist addition.

Tips to Secure Playlist Features

Here are additional tips to increase your chances of playlist inclusion, whether on editorial or user-generated playlists:

1. Craft Exceptional Music

Prioritize the quality of your music, ensuring superior instrumentals, beats, and overall production. Select your best song for submission, based on previous fan engagement metrics.

2. Define Your Musical Identity

Identify and embrace a distinct musical style and genre that epitomizes your brand. Providing comprehensive information aids playlist curators in accurately evaluating your submission.

3. Time Your Submissions Strategically

Submit your music well in advance of your release date to facilitate thorough review by editors and curators.

4. Pursue Verification

Seek verification on Spotify to access direct submission channels to playlist editorial teams, gain insights into your fanbase, and enhance brand credibility.

5. Foster Active Engagement

Maintain a consistent presence on Spotify by releasing new content regularly and cultivating a dedicated follower base. Active engagement enhances visibility and increases your chances of playlist inclusion.

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