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How can I get more shares on Facebook?


How can I get more shares on Facebook?

While the Facebook "Share" button may appear simple, the intricacies of augmenting shares are significant. This underscores the necessity for both business pages and individuals to craft content that resonates with other social media users. However, it's not solely about the content itself. To garner more shares on Facebook, entities require a targeted audience that finds their posts intriguing, posts at optimal times, and provides clear calls to action.

The Significance of Shares

What makes shares crucial? Consider the current user statistics:

  • There are 1.62 billion daily Facebook users.
  • In 2021, 84% of American Millennials were active users.
  • 93% of social media marketers utilize Facebook for advertising.
  • The most popular times for users are Wednesday and Thursday, from 11 am to 2 pm.
  • 94% of ad revenue comes from mobile users.

With such a vast number of individuals utilizing Facebook daily, obtaining shares on your posts has never been more vital, particularly on mobile devices. Broadcasting your content to 1.62 billion users and actively creating mobile-friendly content will bolster traffic to your page, thereby yielding more approvals or sales.

Strategies to Increase Facebook Shares

The age-old adage of quality over quantity holds true when considering ways to augment shares on Facebook. Essentially, one must put themselves in the shoes of the user - why should they share a post on their timeline? With this in mind, let's explore the strategies that can be employed to obtain more shares on Facebook and create more insightful, converting content.

1. Opt for the Appropriate Post Type

Certain types of Facebook posts inherently outperform others. Prime examples include images, video clips, memes, and other visual media. With more impactful and engaging posts, your Facebook content will be shared across various pages and groups. Concentrate on posts that provide instant gratification - those that offer immediate value.

Other popular post types on FB encompass:

  • Question Posts - prompting users to respond to the question in the comments.
  • Images - easily digestible on mobile devices.
  • Videos - sustaining users' attention.
  • Link Posts - constructing an engaging narrative.
  • Giveaway Offers - enticing users with freebies, encouraging return visits for more giveaways.
  • Discount Offers - motivating users to return and discover ways to save money.

In essence, you need to provide your audience with something to engage with. Whether it's watching something, answering a question, clicking a link, or receiving free items - you always need to offer your viewers an action to take as a result of your post.

2. Zero in on Trending Topics

The most effective approach to amplify traffic to your page is to post about pertinent topics. Whether it's political, movement-related, a sporting event, or a controversial viewpoint, behind a keyboard and screen, people relish expressing their genuine opinions.

Boosting your comments and shares triggers the algorithm to examine the expansion of your engagement on Facebook - it discerns that you're posting content worth discussing. If individuals are searching for trending topics, and you're producing content about said topic - your profile will be exposed to a considerably larger user base.

In turn, these users will share your content with their friends and other business pages because they recognize its relevance to what everyone is seeking. A "trending topic" signifies that numerous people are searching for it.

If individuals are aware that others are eager to learn more about the topic, it's because something significant has transpired that the entire world, or at least a substantial portion, will find entertaining. By tailoring your content to this, you are likely to augment the number of shares, likes, and comments you receive.

3. Produce Shareable Content

Regarding what renders content shareable, it entirely hinges on the audience you're targeting. Nevertheless, shareable content must always be relevant, distinctive, and valuable. It must also possess a feature or characteristic that compels people to share it.

It could be shocking, humorous, controversial, or thought-provoking. Infuse your content with a "wow factor" that other businesses or personal pages lack. But how do you instill a "Wow Factor"?

  • Educational Content - impart knowledge that users didn't possess previously.
  • Entertainment - delight users with memes, gifs, and opinions. Remember, your audience wants to perceive you as a fellow human being. Connect with them to cultivate brand affinity and loyalty.
  • Adapt your content to seasons - crafting content related to holiday seasons enhances users' capacity to elicit an emotional reaction to your content.

Regardless of the method you choose, consider how you would react if you were someone stumbling upon the post. Would you learn something, find it amusing, or associate it with a recent event? By doing so, you can imbue the post with the impression that there's another person at the end of the page, rather than mass-produced content by a robot.

4. Disseminate More Videos

Presently, no content rivals the impact or engagement of video. Similarly, video content is shared more readily than any other content type.

If you can create pertinent and engaging videos that deliver value to your audience, you're ahead of the game. BuzzSumo scrutinized video content on Facebook, concentrating on its influence on FB likes, comments, or shares.

While images excelled for likes or comments; videos outperformed when it comes to enticing users to share the content. It was observed that with 951.48 interactions, there were approximately 200 shares. However, you must share the video directly on Facebook to propel your video toward virality.

5. Utilize Visually Appealing Images

Supplementing text posts with visually captivating images is a superb method to elevate their visibility. It's guaranteed to amplify engagement and shares. How can you accomplish this?

  • Infographics:

If you've authored an article, fashion an infographic to complement it, showcasing solely the key points. This furnishes enough information to captivate the reader and aid them in acquiring new knowledge.

  • Custom Images:

Avoid sharing unoriginal content. Be pertinent, share original humorous memes, and endeavor to craft your own images for dissemination on the platform - ensuring to integrate your brand's colors, logo, and appellation.

6. Incorporate a Call to Action

Time and again, research has substantiated the immense power and value of CTAs. If you desire people to share your posts, you must explicitly instruct them to do so. The same applies to Likes, Follows, and so forth - if you aim to elicit shares on Facebook, solicit them! Prudently positioned CTAs can yield a substantial difference in the shareability of most content types.

More Share on Facebook

7. Post At Opportune Times

Once again, disseminating your content at the opportune time entails discerning when your audience is most active on the platform. The majority of Facebook's audience activity peaks pre and post office hours, as well as weekend mornings, public holidays, etc.

In 2022, the optimal times to share your Facebook post are:

  • Tuesday from 9 am to 1 pm
  • Wednesday from 9 am to 1 pm
  • Friday from 9 am to 1 pm

The more active your audience, the more probable your content will be shared. However, there are exceptions to the rule, hence the onus is on you to conduct the requisite research.

8. Optimize Your Content for the Mobile Application

We've shared statistics pertaining to Facebook and mobile users. Nevertheless, just in case you overlooked it, 94% of ad revenue originates from mobile devices - it would be imprudent not to tailor your posts to the mobile audience. Here are several methods to achieve this:

  • Render your content easily legible - succinct sentences and bulleted lists fare well.
  • Adjust your image dimensions to 560 x 292 px - you can accomplish this on Canva.com.
  • Concise headlines
  • The initial paragraphs should provoke the user's inclination to delve deeper.

Your users will share a post more frequently when they can view the entire image rather than having portions cropped out due to improper dimensions. This should not be restricted solely to Facebook but to all social media platforms.

When users have all the information at their disposal sans the necessity to scroll down or click on another link - they're more predisposed to continue perusing. The more they peruse, the more probable they are to relate to the content. If they find the content entertaining or relevant, they'll be inclined to share it with their friends for discourse.

It's a simple matter of mathematics to comprehend that with each additional share you obtain, new visitors are drawn to your page. This will significantly elevate the likelihood of selling your product or enhancing your brand image.

9. Keep It Concise and Simple

Once again, it's worthwhile to underscore the importance of maintaining brevity and simplicity wherever feasible. The majority of individuals peruse Facebook hastily with instant gratification in mind. They crave immediate entertainment to pass the time - nothing overly intricate or exhaustive. They also recognize that it's the content their friends and acquaintances appreciate, and they disseminate it accordingly.

10. Elicit Strong Emotional Responses

Humans are innately emotional beings. Bolster your FB account by crafting content that provokes robust emotional reactions. There exist numerous techniques you can employ to tailor to your demographic. However, for that, you must apprehend your audience.

With diverse ages, cultures, and interests - as a business, you must discern what your audience will find vexing, gratifying, and utterly detestable. By pairing posts that elicit strong reactions with trending topics, the number of shares will skyrocket.

11. Generate Long-Form Content via Blog Posts

Penning lengthy blog posts on your website and sharing them on your Facebook page aids in expanding your audience. According to a study conducted by Buzzsumo, a content marketing brand, blog posts exceeding 1000 words were shared more frequently.

  • 0-1000 words = approximately 5k shares
  • 1000-2000 words = approximately 6k shares
  • 2000-3000 words = over 7.5k shares
  • 3000+ words = 8-9k shares

Though they're more browsed on mobile devices, content exceeding 1000 words performs exceedingly well on social media. Our prime counsel is to ensure that every blog post you upload to your Facebook page surpasses 1000 words. Thus, Facebook discerns it as a non-spam post or a link to a reliable or authenticated source.

12. Engage and Interact

Facebook users are inherently inclined to share and endorse content disseminated by those they can identify with. Cultivating trust and engendering engagement necessitates seizing every opportunity to interact and engage.

Respond to comments, engage in discourse elsewhere, and become an integral component of the community you aspire to captivate. By doing so, you're significantly more likely to generate organic shares and recommendations for your posts.

13. Share Your Own Fan Page Posts

Fan pages boast myriad users who actively comment, post, and engage surrounding a hobby, interest, or common cause. It's a conduit for individuals with akin interests to share and participate in a community. These pages are phenomenal irrespective of the social media platforms they inhabit - they boast substantial traction and even larger communities.

Chances are, if you establish your own fan page, you'll garner more shares. Why? Because all posts are intended for individuals who initially joined that page. What's more? If your post exudes quality, it'll be disseminated on additional pages - augmenting traffic to your professional or personal Facebook page.

Individuals from the fan page will click on your post and realize that many of your posts are interconnected. Alternatively, they may observe that numerous of your posts are disseminated on this page and conclude that you merit a follow.

14. Encourage People to Share Your Content

You must've encountered the adage "who asks nothing gets nothing." Well, securing shares on Facebook adheres to that very principle. Sharing a Facebook post might appear as a substantial commitment to others. They may ponder whether all their friends will view this post; and if they don't approve of it? Or what's the rationale behind sharing this?

It's a scarcely acknowledged secret that numerous of these users merely necessitate a gentle nudge to motivate them to share your posts. However, you can't merely request them to do so - what's in it for them? Here are several effortless means to encourage fans to share your posts:

  • Dispense complimentary content in exchange for a share
  • Propose supplementary content available on a separate page

People relish FREE stuff. In "gratitude" for sharing your posts - proffer them supplementary content that no one else has access to. This'll spur them to impel others to share your posts to acquire novel content as well.

15. Stimulate Shares via Contests and Offers

One of the most efficacious means to encourage individuals to share your posts is to orchestrate contests and giveaways. Individuals, by and large, are powerless in the face of a gratis offer, even if the proffered item isn't particularly riveting. Don't hesitate to "oil the wheels" with a slight incentive here and there. It's a negligible price to pay to have individuals sharing and advocating for your posts.


The remedy to garnering more shares on Facebook, thus, entails adopting a dual-pronged approach. Quality content and engagement generation are pivotal to augmenting organic shares in the long run. Meanwhile, procuring Facebook shares can prove exceedingly beneficial in getting the ball rolling.

Simply ensure to opt for a reputable, endorsed vendor you can rely on if you're contemplating purchasing shares. Unless shares are 100% authentic and emanate from active accounts operated by humans, they hold no value.

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